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    July 7, 2013
    4:00 - 5:01pm PDT  

we'll see you again next "fox news sunday." a fox urgent. details of the moments leading up to the crash landing of the flight at san francisco international airport. these pictures just in to fox news. take a look showing the first look inside the boeing 777. these new photos also showing close-up images as investigators approach the plane. now the ntsb holding a news conference just a short time ago saying everything is on the table when it comes the finding out what caused the aircraft to end up in flames on the runway. as you may know, there are questions about whether this disaster was called by
mechanical malfunction, pilot error or possibly something else. here's a portion of that news conference revealing some of the new, dramatic details on the investigation so far. listen. >> the approach proceeds normally as they descend. there is no discussion of any aircraft anomalies or concerns with the approach. prior to impact, there was a stick shaking that activated. this is both an oral and a physical cue to the crew they're approaching a stall. it's called a stick shaker but there's a yolk that the pilots are holding and that yolk vibrates or shakes and it is telling them that a stall is approaching. that activated four seconds prior to impact. there was a call out for a go
around from one of the crew at 1.5 seconds prior to impact and the call out is a -- is communication between the crew that they want to go around, th that means they want to not land but apply pressure and go around and try to land again. >> a lot of critical information coming out of that news conference. as you know asiana flight 214 from seoul, south korea, had 307 people on board when it crashed, catching fire and breaking apart. two passengers were killed. we now know that they were students from china. only 16 years old. more than 180 other people were taken to 9 area hospitals, most critical but most with minor injuries. the fire chief amazed that so many people amazed after she had a look inside the plane. >> it is nothing short of a
miracle that we had literally 123 people walk away from this. there was may which you are structural damage throughout the plane. some collapsed zones right near the seats, the seats were buckled. so it's, you know, everything worked as best as it possibly could yesterday. >> well, survivors now talking about their ordeal and you have to hear this one. one woman who was traveling with her family from china, she says the whole crash felt like it happened in about ten seconds and she had no time to even be scared. she was sitting next to her 4-year-old son. his first trip to america when the plane hit, her little boy broke his leg. >> when the flight crashed, i just grabbed my son and to avoid something head on. i feel lucky because with children we have six family members travel on this plane and
we are -- we are safe. so i feel lucky. >> do you want to fly again? are you scared? >> i will fly again. >> very lucky, indeed. she crawled out of the damaged plane, through a hole near her seat. she says carrying her son to the closest ambulance. live from san francisco international airport, claudia, what went wrong is still a mystery, though, correct? >> reporter: it is, heather. and it could be many, many months before we know why the aircraft ran in to trouble. investigators with the ntsb saying minutes before it crash landed there was no indication that anything was wrong but then they say just seconds before it attempted to set down on that runway, the flight data recorder shows that the plane's air speed was too low. a call from a crew member to increase speed was made seven seconds before impact. and then an attempt to abort the landing went terribly wrong.
while the flight data recorder and cockpit recorder are being analyzed in washington, d.c. investigators here say they plan to talk to the crew members including the four pilots on board in the next few days and looking at surveillance video of cameras here at san francisco international airport and also from nearby businesses. they say they want to gather as much information as they possibly can, not only to determine the cause of this crash but also to learn from it and try to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future. back to you. >> claudia, to do that, they'll talk with eyewitnesss? >> reporter: that's right. and that includes survivors as we now know. many of whom are sharing their dramatic and harrowing stories of escape. we heard from that one woman who escaped through a hole in the aircraft with her little boy. others it seems were trapped in their seat belts and couldn't get out and so they were tossed knives by first responders who tossed knives up to them so they
could cut themselves free. one passenger described how the plane lost the tail section, skipped and skidded across the runway and began filling up with smoke. listen. >> it was cracked on the right-hand side but we managed to open the doors and push it out. there were no slides. when i looked outside, i could see debris and looked like a step or a piece of the wing and step on this and go down further. and so i -- i just told people, we are okay. come down. start -- start getting out. you know? leave your things behind. help each other. >> reporter: many say it's miracle there weren't more casualties. the crash did kill those two teenage girls from china and tonight we are hearing disturbing information about how one of them may have died. authorities looking into whether she was struck by an emergency vehicle responding to the crash site. the fire chief saying the injuries are consistent with having been run over. an autopsy will shed more light on that. hospital officials say at least two of the injured are
paralyzed. two others suffered road rash-type injuries suggesting they had been dragged. officials saying 17 people remain hospitalized and 6 of them said to be in critical condition. coming up in my next report, a big of encouraging news for hundreds of stranded passengers here at san francisco airport. three of the four runways here are now open. allowing more of the planes to move in and out of san francisco. i'll have that report at the bottom of the hour. heather? >> all right, claudia. our prayers certainly with all of those families involved in this tragic accident. thank you. ntsb investigators as claudia mentioned now at the crash site on runway 28 left in san francisco. but a key piece of evidence that will likely have volumes to say about what happened already in washington. i'm talking about the plane's black box. elizabeth pran live in washington with those details. elizabe elizabeth?
>> hi, heather. without a cause of the accident, the preliminary review shows an average trip up until the descent in to san francisco. the plane was functioning normally. the communication with air traffic controllers also normal. an optional glide pass system was out of service. deborah hersman of the ntsb says seven seconds prior to impact the pilots attempted to increase speed and abort the flight and spent warnings to the device which vibrates to alert the pilot of a possible stall. >> the data indicate that the throttle were at idle and air speed was slowed below the target air speed. the throttles are advanced a few seconds prior to impact and the engines appear to respond normally. handling appeared routine until
the controller noticed that the aircraft hit the sea wall, the controller declared an emergency. >> reporter: now because the plane was idle the, quote, go around request a little more than a second before impact would have been impossible. the aircraft had a wingspan of 200 feet, it's huge, changing speed that quickly is nearly impossible. we are getting a firsthand look at the photos released by the ntsb. unbelievable insight in to the cabin. see crushed seats and deployed oxygen masks and the landing gear broken apart from the fuselage and detached right there on the runway. now, heather, it could be sometime before officials release a cause of the accident. now is where investigators really dig their teeth in. they'll be doing engine teardowns, they'll be interviewing the pilot and parchs, analyzing all the data and recreating the incident. heather, back to you. >> thank you. elizabeth prann from washington. meantime, we are hearing what it
was like in the immediate moments after that horrific crash landing. audio recordings are being released showing air traffic controllers trying to commune wait wi kate with pilots on board flight 214. listen. >> 214, emergency vehicles are responding. >> inaudible. >> asiana 214, emergency vehicles are responding. we have everyone on their way. >> moments later, first responders arrived on the scene. listen to some of what they encountered as they approached that downed plane. >> we are approaching the north field check point. i've got what appears to be a moderate column of smoke coming from a downed plane. let's make this a red alert, please. make this a red alert. we have a large plane, well involved in fire. airport units are applying foam. we have got a number of people that are out off of the plane. >> first responders, they
reacted fast considering the size of the emergency. more than 300 people on board. 182 of them in total were hospitalized. some other news just in for you, word from massachusetts that the wife of secretary of state john kerry has been hospitalized. a spokesman confirming to fox news that mrs. kerry who's 74 years old was admitted there this afternoon. she arrived in critical condition and since stabilize. no word on why mrs. kerry was hospitalized. secretary kerry's office is expected to release an official statement sometime tonight. right now, responding to a disaster that one witness compares to an atomic explosion. part of a town destroyed. nearly 2,000 people driven from their homes and now worse fears confirmed as the death toll continues to rise. also tonight, on the "fox
report" -- >> top american lawmakers now saying that the u.s. should reconsider giving taxpayer money to egypt after the e lip shan military shows an unpopularly but democratically elected leader the door. what's now at stake as a divided nation once again battles to shape its future? it's a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week.
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violence in egypt as the interim government struggles to restrain rival factions. there's muslim brotherhood denouncing last week's military toppling of president ahmadinejad mmohammed morsi. the supporters are urging for mass rallies. officials fear that those protests will spark more clashes like the ones last week that left at least 36 people dead and more than 1,000 wounded. pelcot for us so what's the latest there? >> reporter: the folks that were supporting the ouster of egyptian president morsi making themselves heard. we have watched tens of thousands of people fill the square, of course, the scene that we have looked at close up of past revelations. the folks here said they're
starting another revolution. they're chanting and lighting fireworks. they want to lock in the achievements of the past week including an interim government backed by the military here. just a few miles away there's another large crowd and it's still there as we know from -- in to the evening of pro-morsi activists. they have been organized by the muslim brotherhood. they're rallying near where they think he is detained by authorities. so far, at least there's no clashes between the two sides and heard of other violence, heather, on this day and egyptian soldier killed in the sinai we nuns la and anti-christian violence in the city of luxor to the south of here. >> greg, when's the attitude toward the u.s. right now? >> reporter: well, there is not a lot of love, heather, for the
united states right now on both sides of the protests. we have stood here, watched the crowds go in to tahrir square and carrying signs pretty nasty, pretty critical of the obama administration policy. it seems that if it's for those demanding the ouster of morsi, they think that washington hung on to morsi for too long. they think that washington might still be backing morsi at the same time morsi's supporters think that the u.s. must have known about what they brand as simply a military coupe, a takeover of the government. the interim government we've been looking at seems to be shaping up. we have new reports that an interim prime minister is being considered. we first thought it was going to be mohammed al baradi. that seems to have gone aside. he's now being talked about as a vice president.
there is a reformist politician that's being talked about, too, but still, that is yet to be confirmed. that's still very much a work in progress. keeping everybody happy here. a lot of angry people out there right now, heather. back to you. >> we can hear it behind you. thank you so much, greg palkot, reporting live for us. leaders in washington monitoring the tense situation in egypt. egypt is one of the biggest partners in the region and their military is dependent on more than a billion dollars of our aid. every single year. steve santani has more on that. >> reporter: with u.s. aid in egypt in the balance, they spoke out today about the unsettled political landscape in cairo, a military takeover of the government and an ouster of the president met with cheers and jubilation and senator john mccain said today he believes the military action violated the terms of the $1.4 billion in aid the u.s. gives egypt every year.
>> reluctantly, i believe that we have to suspend aid until such time as there is a new constitution and a free and fair election. morsi was a terrible president. their economy is in terrible shape thanks to their policies but the fact is the united states should not be supporting this cue. >> reporter: but the egyptian ambassador to the u.s. said the action was not a coupe. >> egypt has not undergone a military coupe and not run by the military. today there's an interim president in place. >> this is not a coupe? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: a spokesman for the islamic brotherhood said it was clearly a coupe and some say the u.s. needs to use aid to egypt as leverage to help achieve foreign policy goals. heather? >> thank you, steve. our coverage of the crash landing of flight 214 continues. new details, live reports from the scene in san francisco still
ahead. plus, another disaster still unfolding north of the border. a massive train explosion leveling an entire section of a town in canada. the latest on casualties and the search for several people still missing. ♪ when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network.
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welcome back. right now, we are getting new details about the deadly crash of asiana flight 214 in san francisco. the ntsb holding a news conference just a short time ago. chairman saying that the cockpit voice recorder showed the crew of the boeing 777 called to abort the landing just 1.5 seconds before impact. and there was a call to increase air speed about seven seconds
before. we are told before that there was no indication in the recordings that the plane was having any problems. two people, two 16-year-olds were killed in the accident. dozens more injured. the ntsb planning to interview the pilots, the crew and the passengers. we are told the investigation could take up to 18 months. well, a grim search in canada near the border with maine as officials continue looking for more victims of a massive train explosion. take a look. the fiery blast, it was sparked early yesterday in eastern quebec when a train carrying crude oil derailed. it turned a nearby small town in to this. an inferno. overnight, more bodies were pulled from the debris bringing the confirmed death toll to five. so far. but rescue crews fear the number will rise before their job is done and at this hour some 40 people remain unaccounted for. and two oil-filled tankers continue to burn.
witnesses describe the scene as a river of fire. >> translator: you could see the train but it was going so fast you couldn't even see between the cars and there i saw a car lift up. there were some sparks and the car lifted and came to lie on its side in front of me but i turned around and ran without stopping. >> translator: it was a raucous. it leaped. there were big balls of fire above the cafe. we crossed the street and just in the time it took to cross the street, the street was filled with fire. it was a river of fire. >> well tonight, some u.s. firefighters have joined in that battle to exteng wish the flames. the cause of the derailment remains a mystery. it was a solemn scene in arizona today as the caravan of vehicles carried the bodies of 19 elite firefighters to their hometown. those brave men lost their lives back on june 30th while battling
the 8,400-acre yarnell hill fire, the deadliest fire in arizona history and the largest firefighter loss since 9/11. today their bodies taken from the coroner's office in phoenix to prescott valley where they lived and where most of them will be laid to rest. along the 100-mile route, grateful residents and fellow firefighters, they lined the streets to pay their respects. a memorial service by the way is set for tuesday at an arena to hold 5,000 people. officials are anticipating an overflow of mourners. well, still to come, former president george w. bush speaking out on immigration reform. what he has to say as the debate intensifies over the fate of some of the most sweeping domestic legislation since obama care. and an american tourist killed in cold blood after an argument spirals out of control. the weapon used to cut him down. and new information coming in on the crash of asiana flight
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this is "the fox report." it is the wbottom of the hour. time for the top of the news.
they try to abort landing just seconds before impact, new details coming in about that deadly plane crash in san francisco. two people, two 16-year-old children, were killed and 182 injured when asiana flight 214 slammed in to the runway at san francisco international airport yesterday. investigators now at the scene. giving their first update since arriving from washington saying that the cockpit voice recorder shows the jetliner tried to abort its landing and come around for another try 1.5 seconds before crashing. the ntsb chairman giving new details from information collected from the cockpit voice recorder. >> a call from one of the crew members to increase speed was made approximately seven seconds prior to impact. the sound of the stick shaker occurs approximately four
seconds prior to impact. a call to initiate a go around occurred 1.5 seconds before impact. >> claudia cowan is live at the airport and a lot of important information was released in that news conference, just the first of the ntsb since arriving on the scene. >> reporter: yeah. we expect another of investigators first thing tomorrow morning. and they have already begun piecing together the moments before asiana flight 214 crash landed yesterday here when what started out as a routine landing went terribly wrong and the investigators are sharing dramatic photos taken inside showing the extent of the damage. investigators say information collected from the two black boxes showed that the pilots tried to abort the landing and come around again one and a half
second before it crashed. roughly five seconds before that, a call from one of the crew members to increase speed was made because the plane was coming in too low and too slow. >> i will tell you that the speed was significantly below 137 knots and we're not talking about a few knots. >> reporter: along with data from the two black boxes, investigators are gathering a surveillance video of the crash. they're also speaking to eyewitnesss including survivors and of course they're combing through all of that wreckage gathering as much information as they can to try to figure out what happened. but heather, it could be many, many months before we know exactly what caused this fatal airplane crash. back the you. >> what is the status of the airport? are the runways opening up again? >> reporter: well, a little bit of encouraging news on that front. three of the four runways here at san francisco international airport are now open, allowing
more flights to get in and out. however, hundreds of flights were canceled because of this incident leaving hundreds and hundreds of stranded or diverted passengers scrambling to make other travel arrangements. we understand there are still delays for many flights departing today but decreasing significantly so that's good news but you can see many passengers ended up spending the night here last night when the flights were canceled. some airlines are waving the change fees but it's rough going and word on when that fourth runway, 28 left will reopen. the charred wreckage, of course, still out there on the runway and the scene of an active federal investigation. back to you. >> claudia cowan reporting live there, thank you. while the ntsb says they will be looking in to the approach of flight 214, we're learning new
details of what happened in the seconds before the crash landing and the plane itself. the boeing 777 had a virtually spotless safety record in the 18 years of service before this disaster. dominic denatelli is live for us. asiana airlines ruled out mechanical problems. is it admitting pilot error? >> reporter: well, the airline's management ducked that question at a press conference in korea earlier today. too much liability, i think, saying anything like that at this stage. the c.o. said the pilot was flying for asiana since 1996. >> translator: three pilots are veterans who have experience of more than 10,000 flight hours and one has almost 10,000 hours of experience. >> reporter: well, what the c.o. added was that something rather telling i think. that he didn't believe it was caused by a mechanical failure which you mentioned, heather.
the ntsb says it's far too early to determine the cause. heather? >> data publicly available online shows that flight 214 didn't take the typical approach path. what else can you tell us about that? >> reporter: well, if you compare how it would normally have come in to land, for example, the asiana flight 214 coming in to san francisco friday, that's the day before the crash, well, it had a textbook smooth glide slope from 11,900 feet without incident. but yesterday's plane, well, that descended from 18,000 feet. you can see on the graphic here. now it came in on a 50% steeper trajectory than the day before. then as we have since learned today from the very early findings of the black box, while the air speed dipped below the planned 137 knots before it crashed, experts are saying that the boeing 777's all electronic
instrumentation would normally land the plane so what affected the touchdown? >> human factors with a self correction after a high descent, also causes a little bit of adjustment. if the plane is trying to fly by wire and then a human factor comes in to the piece, humans aren't computers so then there's a slight jump in adjustment associated with that and a correction can be an error. >> and more of the human factors of the ntsb going to learn from detail when they interview the pilots and most likely tomorrow. back to you. >> dominic reporting live for us, thank you. president george w. bush making a rare appearance since leaving office. speaking on one of the sunday talk shows. he touched on several issues including terrorism, marriage equality, as well as immigration. president bush said that reform is important to the country and that good policy yields good politics. listen.
>> i think it's very important to fix a broken system, to treat people with respect and have confidence in our capacity to assimilate people. it's a very difficult bill to pass because there's a lot of moving parts and the legislative process is -- can be ugly. and but it looks like they're making some progress. >> president bush had just returned from a trip to africa where he and his wife helped open a medical clinic. president bush also briefly met with president obama when the two paid respects to the victims of an embassy attack in tanzania. in south africa, prayers and a loud show of support for the man that many people there call the father of democracy. bikers gathered in a revved up the engines where nelson mandela is in critical condition. the 94-year-old former south african president is hospitalized for a month. suffering from a recuring lung
infection and one biker explained it this way. he said that he and his companions hope to send a loud reminder to mandela his followers are still out there and they still need him. a fierce battle near an important landmark in the islamic faith as we go around the world in 80 seconds. syria, assad regime forces hammering rebel forces in the city of homs. artillery fire and syrian fighter jets could be seen pounding the city. the u.n. says some 4,500 civilians are still inside homs and they're warning that they could face a humanitarian ka pass to fee unless they're allowed safe passage out. more than 100,000 have now died in syria's civil war. to thailand. a taxi driver under arrest accused of killing an american tourist with a sword. police say the suspect attacked
his passenger after a dispute over cab fare. that driver now charged with murder. in spain, several thousand thrill seekers running for their lives in the annual running of the bulls in pamplona. they're charging until winding up at a bullfighting ring. finally, in taiwan, a giant panda named juan-juan giving birth to a female cub. video shows her holding the newborn in her mouth. the cub will be monitored by zoo staff for a few weeks before public display. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. still to come, stay tuned for this. a carp almost as big as the guy who catches it. how this fish turned up in someone's backyard. the scene that's being compared to a horror movie. we'll tell you where it happened. also tonight on "the fox
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welcome back. a 19-year-old attacked by a shark and lives to tell about
it. it is our top story as we go across america. florida. a teenager is now home recovering after being bitten by a shark while body surfing with friends off jacksonville. she says that she was in four feet of water when the three-foot bull shark appeared. >> i started swimming away and looked back on my back and saw it come out of the water and bite my feet. >> she needed 50 stitches. her mother says she's going to be fine. >> a little therapy with no bone damage which is actually a miracle. there's so many blessings. >> the attack not stopping the teen. she plans to go right back to the water when she is fully healed. to kentucky, flash floods in crescent springs. and look what turned up in one guy's backyard. a carp. now, the fish about 40 pounds. one man saying he's never seen anything like it.
>> very surprised. very shocked. seems like somehow a horror movie. >> the heavy rains pszed through southwest ohio and northern kentucky region. in massachusetts, hundreds of patriots fans lining up at the team's pro shop after the team announced that fans should cade in their hernandez jersey. the former tight end in jail and charged with murder. >> when did you get it? >> december. >> that wasn't too long ago. >> not too long ago. >> big event. >> big investment. >> yeah. >> do you know whose you want to get? >> probably go with old faithful tom brady. >> more than 1,000 jerseys exchanged for new ones. and that's a fox watch across america. well, scientists tracking storms are facing a serious problem in space with hurricane season in full swing. aging satellites are threatening their ability to watch the
weather. 14 out of 22 active satellites tracking storms hit their designed expiration dates and in several instances they have malfunctioned or stopped working altogether. brian ganges is live in the newsroom with more. brian? >> reporter: heather, national oceanic atmospheric administration predicts six major hurricanes and scientists warn that expired weather satellites could lead them without the data they need to predict the storms for us. >> the worst-case scenario is going back ten years in our capability to monitor and predict the weather which means, unfortunately, greater chance of loss of life and loss of life. >> reporter: scientists are especially concerned after the satellite noaa operates called the ghost 13 malfunctioned for
the second time in a year. most recently in may. the geo station there monitoring the eastern seaboard. the 7-year-old system also malfunctioned for a brief time ahead of superstorm sandy. engineers is part of a committee that monitors the current state of earth sat lithes and warns the government needs to act fast. >> we're definitely encountering basically a near perfect storm here. we have shrinking budgets, rising launch vehicle costs. two recent failures for earth science missions and putting it all together there's just no way to launch things at anything like the rate it would take to replace the observation that is are being lost. >> reporter: building a satellite takes years and that's why they say they need funding now and a long-term plan and a statement noaa says, quote, noaa continues to develop mitigation plans for any potential gap in satellite coverage. the plans will be re-assessed on a biannual basis to account for
new developments as they occur. noaa has a backup satellite in case ghost 13 fails again or a counterpart of the western seaboard has problems, a replacement for one of two satellites is not likely to be launched until at least 2017. heather? >> troubling information, brian. reporting from our new york city newsroom, thank you. well, it is one of the biggest questions looming in a headline grabbing trial. will george zimmerman's attorney put the accused murderer on the stand? and the red rocker, sammy hagar, joining some of country's boast known acts belting out tunes for a good cause. find out how music is making a big difference, up next. ♪
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welcome back. some of country music's biggest names holding a benefit concert helping raise money for victims of the deadly oklahoma tornado outbreak. ♪ i've been beaten down on the ground ♪ ♪ but i'm going to take my power ♪ >> toby keith, garth brooks, trisha yearwood, along with a lot of others, with ties to the sooner state, playing a soldout show at the university of oklahoma. the twister relief concert benefitting the united way of central oklahoma. toby keith, he's a native of moore, and he organized the event. the country star acknowledged the strength of the people in his home state. >> i knew, when i hit moore, we were going to do something. at the end of the day, o'clockies ao'clockies are
kind of all the way to the dust bowl used to picking themselves sure each other is taken care of. >> i love toby keith. you will remember that moore was devastated. this is the scene. happened with an ef-5 tornado, killed dozens of people, including seven elementary schoolchildren back in may. just hours from now, the defense will resume its case in the george zimmerman murder trial. he's the man who shot and killed unarmed teen trayvon martin, claiming he did it in self-defense. the jury heard from mothers of both zimmerman and martin, each woman testifying that it was her son and not the other that they heard screaming on a 911 call the night that martin was killed. valerie boy of fox affiliate wofl has more. >> do you need police, fire, or medical? >> maybe both. i'm not sure. it's just someone screaming outside. >> reporter: it was the martin family versus the zimmerman
family as both mothers testified whose voice it was calling for help in the background of a 911 call. trayvon martin's mother sabrina fulton was the first one to take the stand. >> ma'am, that screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> and who do you recognize that to be, ma'am? >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> george zimmerman's attorney mark o'meara was sympathetic. >> truly sorry for your loss. >> improper. >> and george san dim-- trayvon martin's brother also testified. >> do you recognize a voice on the tape? >> yes. >> whose voice is it? >> my brother. >> but the defense played a tape last year saying he wasn't sure. >> i'm not completely sure that's him. >> george zimmerman looked emotional as his mother took the stand. >> do you know whose voice it was screaming in the background? >> yes, sir. >> and whose voice was that? >> my son george.
>> and are you certain of that? >> because he's my son. >> zimmerman's uncle also testified. >> i felt his screaming, like my nephew was screaming for his life. it was george screaming for his life. >> but prosecutors questioned him. >> you never had heard george zimmerman crying out for help before, have you? >> not the way he did that day. >> associate medical examiner said trayvon martin may have been alive for one to ten minutes after the shooting. he recently changed his opinion about that and also said martin may or may not have been affected by some marijuana found in his system. but it was his demeanor in court that caught the eye of the jurors as he argued with the defense over his notes, some jurors laughed. >> i'm going to request that we have a copy -- >> no, you cannot. it's my notes. >> judge nelson rejected a motion from the defense for acquittal. >> the court finds the state has presented sufficient evidence, both direct and circumstantial, to allow a charge to go to the jury. >> at a news conference, o'meara said he respected the judge's
opinions. he also explained why he apologized to sabrina fulton for loss of her son. >> i don't think it's pandering to say i'm sorry for your loss. i'm not going to be not human. >> and o'meara still hasn't decided whether zimmerman will take the stand. valerie boy, fox news. >> we'll no doubt find out this week. coming up, an update on our top story. crash of asiana flight 714, a boeing 777. what investigators are saying about the moment before the plane made impact, and the ntsb just released brand new pictures of the disaster. fidelity, we giu the most free research reports, customizable charts, powerful screening tools, and guaranteed 1-second trades. and at the center of it all is a surprisingly low price -- just $7.95. in fact, fidelity gives you lower trade commissions than schwab, td ameritrade, and etrade. i'm monica santiago of fidelity investments, and low fees and commissions are another reason serious investors
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new information coming in about the deadly crash of asiana flight 214 to san francisco. new information showing what the plane looked like on the inside. the ntsb saying the crew tried to increase its speed before crashing yesterday, but it was going too slow to abort. two people were killed, two 16-year-old children. they were teenagers from china. authorities looking into whether one of them was struck by an emergency vehicle responding to the scene. the fire chief saying that her injuries are consistent with being run over. dozens of other people injured. 17 of them remain at san francisco general. seven of those patients are children. let's do a fast forward for you. looking ahead to the big stories coming up for you this week.
on monday, the george zimmerman trial resumes. the defense lawyers expected to continue calling their witnesses after prosecutors rested their case on friday. zimmerman is on trial for second degree murder. he claims he killed trayvon martin in self-defense. also monday, the man accused of being an accomplice in the murder case involving former pro football player aaron hernandez is set to be arraigned. earnest wallace faces accessory to commit murder charges. and on wednesday, president george w. bush expected to address immigration reform during a speech at the institute that bears his name in dallas. and on this day back in 1930, workers broke ground on what would become one of the largest manmade structures of all time, the hoover dam. the colossal undertaking was three years in the making because of a political battle over water rights in the colorado river. finally in 1929, president herbert hoover pushed legislation through. builders finished its
construction in just two years, ahead of schedule, and millions of dollars under budget. but crews got busy as beavers, you could say, 83 years ago today. that's how fox reports ends this sunday. i'm heather chilleders. huckabee starts now. tonight on huckabee. >> he was talking, running like 60 something. >> they'res kroing the border in droves, and they're not just looking for work. >> the flow of people coming in is astronomical. how many 9/11s can we stand? >> why are they coming to america? >> and they fought the federal government and won. >> we own over 10,000 acres of timberland in the white river system. >> how pressure from citizens caused the feds to back off their privately owned land. plus, should churches drop their tax-exempt status and tell the irs to go to hell? is